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014: Always Bet on the GM
014: Always Bet on the GM
6th Jan 2015, 9:20 PM in Guardians and Guado
Author Notes:
Okay, time for some explaining. This comic has not updated in a little while, and I apologize. The reason for this is because I have been making the comics in Comic Life's free trial, and it had run out. I had intended to purchase the full version immediately and continue making these comics, but there was an unexpected delay in obtaining said full version. At any rate, now I have it, so Champions and Chocobos is back and hopefully will be around for a while. A big thank you to DragonTrainer, who linked this on his awesome Campaign Comic, Grand Line 3.5, of which I am a fan. This particular comic is outside the update schedule, which is to update at noon on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in AWST time. This isn't Wednesday's comic, that one will be coming shortly. So, a happy late new year to you guys, and may we have many more!
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User comments:
Keirgo (Guest)
Huh. That's one way to address how long it takes for Rikku to come BACK into the plot. Nicely done.

Personally, I usually find that GMs wait until it's become clear the monster/bandit/building is going to be too much for a player/s to handle before throwing them a bone...then again, when you have another player to mess with...
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