Champions and Chocobos

A Final Fantasy Campaign Comic

Tidus played by Tim.

Tidus is a blitzball player from the city of Zanarkand, 100 years in the past.

Tim is the roleplayer of the group, being the one with the most writing and acting experience. He always tries to make his characters new and interesting, as opposed to his best friend Kyle's method. He has played games the GM has ran before, and is prepared for any kind of deathtrap thrown his way.

Auron played by Aaron

Auron is a mysterious samurai somehow connected to Tidus.

Aaron is a very experienced player who took Tim and Kyle under his wing when they first started playing. He's taught Tim to use the setting as a weapon, and showed Kyle how to make the most of a fully optimized character. He delights in the little details of characters, especially the appearance.

Rikku played by Kyle.

Rikku is an Al Bhed thief and a master of item use. Kyle was forced to play Rikku due to a bet.

Kyle is a simple soul, wanting nothing more than to have awesomely epic characters and wreck everything. Aaron teaching him how to get the most out of his characters has helped, but he still has not achieved his grand goal of destroying an entire setting. All the other players and the GM are betting on when or if this will occur.